Logo Design

Your logo is a very important part of your website design. It reflects your brand using a combination of shapes fonts, colours or images.

A logo can inspire trust, recognition and admiration for a company or product. It is important to devote effort to the design of the logo, which will become your identity.

If you already have a logo, I can incorporate it into your site. Otherwise, I can design a logo for you.

If you are designing your own logo, here are 5 important things to take into account:

  • The logo can easily be described.
  • The logo is memorable.
  • The logo can be used without colour.
  • The logo can be scaled and could be recognizable at a small size.

If you would like me to design your logo, I will:

  • Speak to you about your company or product, to get a good idea about the style.
  • Research.
  • Draw out a few hand sketches.
  • Choose and produce design.
  • Agree with you.
  • Complete finishes touches
  • Use on website

Your logo will also be useful on letter heads or e-mails and for social networking such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.

The logo I have designed for my website is :


Logo design is generally very time consuming, generally speaking, the best designs are simple